Specialist Torque Products

Service and Support

At Gedore UK, all enquiries are handled by experienced, knowledgeable and friendly people. We’re pro-active both by inclination and training.

Customer service

We can provide you with expert support on any aspect of tool use. For example, we’ll happily give you free on-site advice on the tools you may need and the most e cient and cost-e ective way to use them. For detailed technical or custom tool enquiries we can source expertise for you from anywhere in the Gedore Tool Group.

We can quickly repair or recalibrate tools and supply spare parts.

Collection and recalibration service

And we can supply expert resources. For example, do you want us to run a training or refresher session for your production team? Or send one of our Demonstrator Vans? As the name implies, these are mobile showrooms equipped to let you try out Gedore products rather than just look at them. We support local distributors with training courses and a high pro le Gedore presence at trade shows and other events.

Stock in our warehouse

There may be more we can do. Innovation and change is constantly moving goalposts, and we all need to stay ahead of the game. So if you think of any ways we can further improve our service, please let us know

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