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Insights into the Tuning Workshop

GEDORE red in Action in the Tuning Workshop Performance and Optics by Drive and Style from Dortmund The car tuning workshop "Drive and Style" from Dortmund specializes in tuning luxury vehicles. Particularly in demand are performance upgrades, changes in appearance through body kits, lowering, exhaust systems, rims, special painting and foiling, and sound tuning. Born in Iran, Aram came to Germany when he was four years old. In the course of time, he is repeatedly drawn to the USA, where his father emigrated in 1994. During his education he met his wife Jessica in 1998. With the birth of daughter Aileen in 2006, they decide to settle in Dortmund. Two years later, the step into self-employment follows. The birth of "Drive and Style". After a first small hall, Aram opened the current workshop in 2014 and thus fulfilled his dream of his own tuning forge including showroom, office and pizzeria. Tuning Trends and Dreams Tuning trends come and go. Aram fondly remembers his VW Golf IV with gullwing doors: "That was 12 years ago - I was as proud as an oskar. Today, I wouldn't dare drive it on the road," he says, laughing. His current baby: a quad bike created in cooperation with the EXEET company from a Kawasaki Z1000 - the Black Bull Drive and Style Edition. "I've always had the dream of driving something that no one else drives," he tells Aram proudly. And the result is impressive: 150 hp, 220 km/h, the quarter mile (402m) in...


Tyre Change with GEDORE

Instructions for Wheel Change Changing Winter and Summer Wheels Yourself Twice a year, motorists have to change their winter tyres and summer tyres. Changing tyres, i.e. fitting new tyres on the rim, is best done by a professional in a workshop. If, on the other hand, you change the entire set of wheels, you don't need much apart from a knack for tightening screws, good instructions and the right tools. The most frequently asked questions when changing wheels on your own revolve around the tools and how to use them, as well as the sequence of the work steps: What tools do I need to change the wheel? What torque is necessary when changing tyres? Are there differences when changing wheels with aluminium and steel rims? What do I need to pay attention to when changing a wheel? Change Wheels Yourself in 8 Steps 1. Handbrake and Gear Apply the handbrake and engage 1st gear. On automatic vehicles, the selector lever must be in "P". In addition, secure the vehicle with chocks on the wheels to prevent it from rolling away. The car should stand on a level and firm surface for the wheel change so that it cannot slip off the jack when jacked up later. 2. Loosen Wheel Nuts Place the jack exactly at the intended jacking point and check the fit again after a first careful jacking. Using a telescopic ratchet, loosen all wheel fastenings (wheel bolts/nuts) crosswise by a quarter turn. A rim spanner may be...


Daily Challenge Event Location

Daily Challenge: Eventschmiede Dr. Thompson's The home of the event and lifestyle location "Seifenfabrik Dr. Thompson’s" is the former power station of an old factory where soap powder was made for over a century. Until 2016, the building housed a restaurant, lounge and club under one roof. Now the concept has been updated, and the flexible location with its casual industrial flair is only available for functions and private parties, business events, Christmas and summer parties, and weddings. A planning and logistical challenge for Sascha, who is responsible ensuring that all the events, whatever the nature, run smoothly. So it's lucky that he can rely on his tools when preparing and implementing these occasions. The devil's in the detail The man who is simply called "Teufel" ("Devil") by his colleagues was born in Düsseldorf 35 years ago, has one daughter and is a fan of Chicano-style tattoos. His job, or perhaps that should be profession: technician, janitor, logistician, gardener and warehouse operator in one – "A maid of all work", as he modestly describes himself. But in fact, "all-rounder" would be far more appropriate. After qualifying as a vehicle mechanic in 2003, he then trained as a chef. Sascha worked in various restaurants before starting work in Dr. Thompson’s restaurant kitchen in 2012. When managing director Tom Rameil made the decision in 2016 to use the location purely for events, Sascha decided to hang up his chef's hat and go back to his first love: working with tools. Since then...