Specialist Torque Products



As a major processor of steel, the Gedore Tool Group fully accepts its responsibility to minimize waste and harmful emissions. A priority is the protection of the air quality, hydrology and geology at and around its manufacturing sites.

Our belief is that effective environmental stewardship is essential to the future of manufacture. Centres of production can only be sustainable if manufacturers make positive efforts to safeguard natural resources for long term use. Specic measures taken by Gedore UK and other Gedore Tool Group companies include:

  • Electroplating uses sealed water and chemical circulation.
  • Slide-grinding is water-free, using centrifuges.
  • Forging uses low-emission energy supplies.
  • Powder coating uses reclamation technology.
  • All waste disposal operations are legally compliant and fully auditable, and carried out by skilled personnel.

Skills need to be sustainable too, and we invest in training and development for all personnel. While craft and technology skills are an obvious focus, team and communication skills are also extremely important. The stronger the team, the better the quality of customer service.

In fact, the whole Gedore Tool Group depends on teamwork, for the simple reason that it is essential to success in a global market. As a Gedore UK customer, you have access to this wider team and benet directly from a fast, e client and cost-saving international supply chain.

Nor can we forget our suppliers, whose own skills and dedication help us provide world-beating products and services. Good supplier relationships are essential to the sustainability of a global business, and the Gedore Tool Group is fortunate to have forged such strong links over the years with so many exceptional companies.