Specialist Torque Products

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Premium brands

The Gedore, Ochsenkopf, Metec, Klann and Torqueleader brands meet the highest quality standards in the world. They are, quite simply, the best possible investment if you want hand tools and workshop equipment that will perform optimally for many years. They are always in stock and can be supplied usually within hours.

Carolus brand

Carolus is a distinctively designed range of the most commonly used hand tools. Economies of scale make Carolus an attractive and cost-effective option for our many customers who need only a relatively small range of high-quality equipment.

Special purpose products

These are items designed and made especially for you. You may need a standard tool in a non-standard size, or you may need a completely new custom-designed tool to make a specific operation faster, safer or more accurate. Using our extensive R&D resources we can quickly design and supply a finished product, in any quantity and to the highest quality standard.

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