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Electronic Pliers

  • Welded-in double leaf spring cannot be lost, ensuring perfect functioning and a long service life
  • Precision box joint, induction-hardened cutting edges
  • 2-component handles with thermoplastic inserts, slip-inhibiting comfort grip
  • Precision-polished faces
  • Two different bevel edge designs for different uses: mini bevel for a normal cut no bevel for almost flush cut
  • ESD = electrostatic discharge protection
  • GEDORE-ESD-electronic-pliers dissipate electrostatic energy in a slow, controlled manner
  • Surfaces: Ground-steel - no flaking chrome parts to cause faults in electronic circuitry
  • BL [JL] = Jaw length, SL [CL] = Cutting edge length
  • Attention! Safety Note! Due to the conductivity of the ESD 2-component handles, these tools must not be brought into contact with live conductors passing a voltage sufficient to cause an electric shock.