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About Gedore

Gedore UK is your single source of supply for the world's finest professional hand tools and workshop equipment.

Gedore warehouse spanners

If your business involves any form of manufacture, maintenance, servicing, repair, assembly or disassembly, we can supply all the hand tools you're likely to need.

And we can supply the right tools for any environment. That may range from a precision manufacturing facility to an exposed outdoor site, perhaps in extreme or emergency conditions.

We also supply expertise, based on the Gedore Tool Group's 90 years of engineering and design experience. Using the right hand tools correctly can significantly improve performance and cut costs. We're always happy to give advice and support, which can include designing special tools to meet specific needs.

Gedore UK's mission is to supply you with hand tools and know-how that make a real contribution to your success, so please let us know how we can help you. Customer relationships matter to us. They are, after all, the foundation of Gedore's own worldwide reputation for excellence.

History of Gedore UK

What is now the Gedore Tool Group began in 1919 in the German city of Remscheid, as a hand tool manufacturing company run by brothers Otto, Karl and Willi Dowidat. (The name Gedore is an abbreviation of GEbrüder DOwidat REmscheid.)

Gedore products became renowned for quality and the company's reputation spread well beyond Germany. From around 1960, Gedore began to expand internationally through acquisitions in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, India, South Africa and elsewhere.

Gedore UK was established in 1990 through partnership with L J Hydleman & Co Ltd. It was further strengthened in 1999 by the acquisition of MHH Engineering Co Ltd, manufacturer of Torqueleader torque tools.

The Gedore Tool Group now operates in over 70 countries and is one of the world's largest hand tool manufacturers, responsible for many respected brands including Gedore, Ochsenkopf, Metec, Klann, Lösomat and Carolus.

None the less, it remains essentially a family of small, highly skilled companies committed to providing rapid, flexible and dependable service. Gedore UK customers benefit by having a single point of access to a substantial network of world-class products and people.

While most Gedore products are made in Germany, additional or specialist manufacture is also carried out in the UK, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa. Stringent design, quality and materials control ensures that wherever they are made, all Gedore Tool Group products meet exactly the same high standards.